Closure of Prescription Ordering by Telephone as of May 2017

Closure of Prescription Ordering by Telephone as of May 2017

What’s happening?

From May 2017 we will no longer be accepting repeat medication requests over the telephone.

After a number of years of accepting repeat medication requests over the telephone, we regret that we can no longer do this for the reasons given below. The problems encountered have been raised with the Patient Participation Group and the Practice has decided that it will no longer accept telephone requests for repeat medication from 1st May 2017

Why Are We Changing?

• Our new systems will be safer for patients.
• Some requests for medication over the phone are not clear and it can take considerable time and effort to clarify what is required.
• Written requests avoid potential confusion and medication errors.
• In addition to improving patient safety it will reduce the number of telephone calls to the practice which will improve telephone access for those in need of emergency help, advice or making an appointment.

We understand this may cause patients inconvenience and some concerns when this service is no longer available, but there are many ways that prescriptions can now be ordered that do not rely on telephoning the surgery, as outlined below.

How do I re-order my repeat medication?

You can request your repeat medication in the following ways:

On the internet via our online services. Perhaps the easiest and safest way to order your repeat medication is through Patient Access. This service provides you with a list of medication currently on repeat and can send your request direct to our clinical system. There is also the option of leaving a message for the doctor to let them know how you are getting on or to ask for a change in dose/frequency etc.

In person On paper, preferably by using the tear-off slip on the right side of the prescription indicating clearly the items you require (there is a post box for prescription requests by the door as you enter Stewart Medical Centre)
Each time a prescription is issued to you, a counterfoil is printed by your Pharmacist which lists all the medications you currently have on repeat. Tick the medications that you require and either hand the counterfoil to the surgery staff, or deposit it at the prescription collection box. If the Surgery is closed you can post the slip through the letterbox at the surgery and this will be dealt with upon the next working day.

By post (please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you want your prescription sent back to you)
You may alternatively post the completed counterfoil to us with a stamped, self- addressed envelope should you require the prescription to be posted back to you.

Through your chemist Most pharmacies offer the service where patients can order their next supply of repeat medication in the pharmacy when they collect their current supply, saving them an unnecessary trip to the GP surgery. The pharmacy team will confirm which items you will require, and order the repeat prescription from the surgery on your behalf, collect it and have the medicine ready and waiting to collect.

Please note:

At least 48 hours’ notice (two full working days) is needed to have your prescription ready for collection. Many patients use this service so please help us by ordering as early as possible.

Urgent & late requests put considerable strain on the Practice staff and the service we provide our patients.

Please leave 72hrs when requesting collection from a chemist and 5 working days when the chemist needs to deliver.

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